Staffing your development team? 

Piece of cake! 

It's a match 🧡between Pentalog and you, if you're looking for...

Accelerate your delivery times – without pressure. 

Collaborate with the best tech talent in Morocco – at the right price. 

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Staffing your development team has never been easier or faster.

Run your project at your pace within your budget – and with the right skills. 

Speed 🏎️

Stay focused on your core business while our Talent Acquisition team selects, evaluates, and interviews developers and IT specialists in Morocco for you.

Within 5 days, you can receive a selection of candidates ready to join your project as soon as possible.

Quality 🥇

Collaborate with best-in-class tech experts, rigorously evaluated on both know-how and soft skills.

Based on AI-assisted human expertise, our recruitment process has more than 500 checkpoints to identify the Top 3% of global engineering reliably and objectively.

Visibility đź‘€

Follow the progress of your project in real time with the Maturity Model. 

Security, DevOps, infrastructure, and so on – every aspect of the project is monitored to identify growth opportunities and to act faster.

Rates đź’¶

Get control of your budget without compromising quality.

On average, the monthly cost of a team of 5 developers in Morocco is 20% lower than in Romania.

Production capacity is adapted around the evolution of the project in order to manage tech resources and budgets reasonably.

Discover Moroccan tech excellence.
English-speaking, Agile and experts in cutting-edge technologies, our developers and IT specialists help you move forward faster.

Skilled tech resources, available quickly and at a competitive rate 

A strategic partner to support your business

A flexible staffing solution that adapts to your project

Let's talk about your project and come up with a selection of IT profiles in Morocco.